Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cupcake decorating classes February

The first three workshops of 2012 were a big success. High Tea Roses, Valentine's Teddy and Designer Cupcakes saw a bunch of very talented students produce some amazing cupcakes.

I often get asked: 'which workshops are suitable for beginners?' Well, all of our workshops are great for beginners. Things that may seem hard or impossible are often very doable when presented in step-by-step instructions. After the workshops students often tell me that they can't believe they did it and that they are now confident to do it themselves at home.
For the students that have some experience, we also show techniques to move away from the basics. These students can spend more time on the details and learn how to create amazing figurines and decorations.

These are some student pics from the cup cake decorating classes in February 
(told you they were talented!):

High Tea Roses
 Valentine's Teddy
  Designer Cupcakes

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